Update 1.4.3 (Season 5 Gold Token fixes)

Hi, It's been a short while since the last update so here's a small one to fix a few outstanding issues and to implement a few quality of life improvements suggested to me.

I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas Holiday and wish you all a prosperous New Year!


  • 5-Boss' third token is now correctly marked as the third token and not a duplicate of the first.
  • 5-B (Side Way Round) is no longer missing a third token.
  • Removed the white dot that appears on Energy Disc launchers as they are priming to launch a disc.
  • The respawn button now triggers respawning after dying in addition to the jump button.
  • The map screen now resizes the silver tokens text appropriately to how many tokens are in the level. This only affects one level in the game.
  • Map Progress UI has been renamed to Seasons Progress.  Also, all the percentages which aren't 100% are now slightly darker for better readability.
  • Timed solid platforms (The dark-ish green ones that change to and from solid and non-solid) no longer spaz out when they kill you as they become solid.
  • It's no longer necessary to 100% the game to unlock the final challange of the game. It will be unlocked sooner and that is all I will say on that :)
  • Game will no longer crash during profile saving and loading. An error message will pop up if this ever occurs. Any failed loading attempts will back up the problem profile(s) before being replaced.
  • The name input cursor position now starts on the End button. This will allow you to type your name and then press enter without having to scroll to the End button.

Thanks for reading,



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Jan 01, 2018

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