Update 1.4 out now - Replay Sharing

NOTE: Be sure to grab a Steam key from Itch.io to enjoy the new features to their fullest!


Replay sharing added! A screenshot is created with each replay and shows a graph with your X and Y speed over time. A secondary screenshot is also made showing a larger version of the graph so you can directly compare runs from different replays.


  • Replays can now be uploaded and subscribed to (downloaded) using Steam's workshop functionality.
  • Consolidated achievements and statistics into a new window and added a new button to take you to the map progress window where you can see all the percentages for each Season as well as use this window to warp directly to a Season.
  • Added option to the main map menu which will warp you to any visited season.


  • On level 3-7 (Futile) the final section has been adjusted to feel less random.
  • In-game ghosts will now show the name of the authors.
  • The game complete percentage has been adjusted to take into account levels cleared without a time target medal (ie. taking over 10 mins to clear a level). Because of the way the weights are now calculated your percentage will likely be slightly higher than previously.
  • Time during map and level loading is now ignored by the total time on your stats. This is to eliminate loading time variance from your final time. This probably saves about 0.1s - 1.0s per load but all maps and most levels load very quickly. The levels that take a while to load are usually the ones with 10 or more fluids like acid or lava.
  • Level ace times of 10 mins or over will be no longer valid for leaderboard entries or replays.
  • Changed the game clear leaderbaords to use milliseconds instead of seconds with the limitation of 20 days being the maximum.
  • UI no longer wraps vertically when there's a greyed out option at either the top of bottom.
  • The game saves upon exiting the map screen so you always start in the same map that you exited.
  • Upon entering a bonus level from a Warp Portal the game will now use the bonus level's previous Gold Token count instead of the level you warped from.
  • Improved the look of the hidden platforms distortion texture.
  • The level clear screen left-most button will now say "Restart Replay" instead of "Restart Level" when in replay mode.
  • Decreased the second and third set of tolls for the final season to allow more levels to be incomplete before the final levels are available. This is so you're not stuck with only 2 or 3 levels before playing the last one.

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to see how some of you got your incredible times!



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Nov 14, 2017

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