Patch Notes - v1.2.2 (Bonus Season, Borderless Fullscreen and more)

  • Bonus Season (Special Place) added to the game! The ultimate challenges awaits those who have mastered the game!
  • Cheats added to the game! 7 of the secret achievements will grant you a different cheat you can use for fun on completed levels. Some of the secret achievements have been made easier as a result.
  • Fullscreen now runs as a borderless window and is on by default when you first run the game. This should hopefully fix stretching issues and changing desktop resolutions.


  • 4-Boss has an extra checkpoint just after half way through.
  • Token Tolls can't be unlocked more than once.
  • Made the route to Season 4's boss level slightly more obvious.
  • Swapped the 38 and 52 Gold Toll's around and lowered the 90 Gold Toll to 72.
  • Added a checkpoint to 5-Boss because it's just too difficult without one.
  • Credits screen can be skipped after the first time you've seen it.
  • Changed "Super Speedy Live!" achievement target from 1hr 20mins to 1hr 52mins.
  • Changed "Super Safety Live!" achievement from 12 deaths to 100 deaths. I changed both of these achievements to be easier because they shouldn't be top tier difficulty.


  • Profile window now says "Load Game" instead of shouting "CONTINUE GAME".
  • Bomb launcher (found on 4-Boss) sprites are properly clipped.
  • Moving platforms now update on the frame the level goal is touched. This fixes the de-sync that occurs with respect to other objects.
  • Checkpoints now spawn you on the ground correctly.
  • Toxinator's face rotates with the view so they are always facing upright.
  • The camera now drifts a bit when dying or using doors or portals.
  • Pause menu is now slightly higher.
  • Slightly sped up Season name text animation when starting a new Season map.
  • Replay button on map menu is now always visible for consistancy.
  • Brightened up Season 5's background.
  • Changed 100% medals to ACE medals. This better describes the level achievement.


  • Audio settings while on the title screen will play the full title theme music.
  • Slightly lowered volume on the checkpoint sound.
  • Final boss' static noise stops when you hit the final exit.
  • Credits theme is a little louder.
  • Credits and easter egg theme's follow the audio settings now.


  • Corrected credits title "Tools" to "Licenses" and added the Nevis font license.

Thanks for reading :)


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Sep 25, 2017

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