Update 1.2.6 (2-Boss working again!)


So a few major bugs that turned up in v1.2.0 have now been squished, including a game-breaking one on level 2-Boss which prevented players from progressing past the second area.

Sorry to everyone who experienced these game breaking bugs. This was the result of an easy mode I was planning to add to the game. I ultimately felt it would hurt the satisfaction of the experience though, so I disabled it without removing it which gave rise to a few issues like the top two notes listed below.

  • Fixed major bug with camera not being in the right place on the last section of 2-Boss resulting in instant death upon entering. This is something I overlooked on testing.
  • Fixed invisible platforms on some levels. Could've sworn I tested this though, sorry guys!
  • A-2 (Fantoxic) now uses the correct colour scheme.
  • 4-3 (Return of the Key) exposes a bug with the crush detection system after the central area. I've added a step in the corner to prevent this from happening and it also makes that area very slightly less chaotic.
  • Also on 4-3, I removed the pointless platform on the top left and continued the wall up. I also moved the lasers to the background layer.
  • Removed retractable spikes on 4-Boss (Tower of Power) hidden in the room with the Jump Gone Movers (yellow platforms with a !). They were accidentally placed.
  • Added missing guide lines to some of the moving platforms on 4-Boss.

Known Issues:

  • Tolls still allow you to unlock them once again even after being unlocked. The root cause appears to occur when you enter the map.

Thanks for reading,


Super Lumi Live v1.2.6 Setup.exe 400 MB
Sep 28, 2017

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