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You can Double JUMP is a pure platformer that will test your skills at running, jumping and of course, double jumping. Use your mastery of this simple yet powerful skill to dodge hazards, reach hidden areas and navigate the otherwise dangerous levels.


  • Fast movement with precise controls.
  • Diverse level mechanics and fun design.
  • Gravity bending Warp Space levels.
  • Time targets and tricky collectibles.
  • Bonus level exits and unlockable paths in the world map.
  • Easy to play, difficult to finish.


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Aweome game! The controls are simple and very responsive and the audio and visuals are amazing. Only suggestion I have is to add some sort of basic tutorial, as I had to resort to the controls listing in the option menu to find out how to run.

Really glad you enjoyed the game!

I've noticed a few people getting stuck at the run bit. I'm adding an icon for the run key/button to one of the sign posts.

Thanks for the feedback :)